Elevating Wellness Through Flowell Technology

Wellness is huge, but we’re confident in proving our technology in Yoga.

Global yoga is an $88B industry and growing. Increasing numbers of people purchase and participate in group fitness classes at least once a week. Our research on group fitness class allocation states that 25% of these participants are practicing yoga.[1] According to McKinsey and Company[2], more consumers than ever are prioritizing their health and wellness, and as a result of COVID-19, the 250k yoga instructors in the US are taking, and keeping, their services online.

Yoga has low barriers to participate and can be practiced, and taught, from anywhere.

Of the 40m Americans who practice yoga, 65% of them prefer practicing from home[3]. Despite this preference and the many options to view classes and content, consumers lack a technology solution that curates recommendations of live classes and educational content that are personalized to maximize improvement of wellbeing and long-term health outcomes. 

Additionally, most dispersed yoga instructors lack a technology partner that centralizes their offering, and partners with them to optimize revenue from their wellness business.

Our product is co-created with yoga and wellness professionals to meet the needs of customers throughout their wellness journey.

We’ve witnessed the demand for a centralized, convenient and comprehensive marketplace solution from instructors and from consumers. We’ve listened to their desire to more easily find and engage in health and wellness classes and educational content, track progress and engage with a wellness community aligned to their values. We even co-created our product with 50 yoga instructors and their students.

We’re applying evidence-based yoga instruction and therapies to the emerging passion economy.

Flowell offers the passion economy streaming and community experience for wellness leaders and businesses, and in combination with several other market disrupting technologies, Flowell is an end-to-end wellness ecosystem, occupying a gap in the freelance and passion economy streaming markets, while fulfilling our mission of expanding access to evidence-based, life-changing wellness education and experiences.

We’re excited to have you join us.

It is our mission to build technology that empowers health and wellness leaders everywhere to deliver services, and to create content and community that leads to a healthier and happier world.

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