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How to Prep Your Home for Online Yoga Classes

Woman in a standing yoga pose on a yoga mat. She appears to be in her home

Taking online yoga classes is a convenient alternative to studios. You can attend class from the comfort of your home, no commute required. Moreover, when you take a class on Flowell, your options are limitless!

However, unlike a studio, your home probably isn’t set up for yoga. But don’t let that stop you! You can easily turn even a tiny apartment into a space that rivals any studio.

So, how do you set up your home for a yoga class? Follow these steps to create the best experience between you and your instructor!


Pick a space

First thing’s first: you need to decide where to practice. Find a clear area with enough space for your mat. Additionally, make sure you’re near a wall. This may come in handy for certain poses.

You will also need space for your phone, computer, or tablet. Your device should be six to eight feet away from you. This ensures that you can see your device without it being in your way.


Gather your props

Next, round up your props. For class, you’ll need a chair, cushions, a strap, and blocks. But don’t fret if you don’t have all of these. You can use a towel or blanket as a cushion, or a scarf as a strap, for example.

Before class, make sure you have all these props in your practice space. You don’t want to get up mid-class to hunt down your props!


Distance your device

We know how hard it can be to part with our screens. Don’t worry, though. Your device won’t be far!

Place your mat six to eight feet away from your device. The long side of your mat should face the screen. Keep in mind that your instructor will see what you see. So, if you can see your whole self on the screen, your instructor can, too! Moreover, you can always see the screen, even in inverted poses. And if the instructor can see you clearly, they can provide you better personalized feedback! This will help improve your form and alignment.


Position your device

Put your device at least two feet above the ground. You want yourself, not the floor on camera! Then, adjust the screen’s angle so that it is perpendicular to the ground. In other words, the screen should be parallel to the wall behind you.

You may have to adjust the screen for certain poses. For example, you might tilt it up for standing poses, and down for seated ones. Keep a thin book around to help tilt your screen. Remember, you always want your full body on camera!


Light up the room

Time to place the spotlight on yourself! For class, front lighting is ideal. If this isn’t an option, you can use side lighting. And although natural light is good for the soul, it’s not great for online yoga. If most of your light comes from a window, your instructor may not be able to see you. This goes for lamps, too. If you can’t move away from a window, you may have to cover it.

If your instructor can see you bright and clear, they can catch more and give you better recommendations! This is important as more personalized feedback will make you a better yogi.


Find a class

What better way to use your new home yoga space than for an online yoga class? With yoga classes at every ability level, Flowell meets you where you are. What’s more, you’ll get real-time feedback from your instructors during class. Sign up for free at www.flowell.co today and browse classes personalized just for you!

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