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How Web3 is Affecting Mental Health? Web3 – the blockchain-powered world wide web considered by many to be the next phase of the internet – is a wonderland of decentralized possibilities. From finance, to gaming, to social, this new digitally-driven ecosystem has certainly taken off. And fast. But it’s this rapid adoption of such a …

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Wellness To Ear Cryptocurrency ERC20 STEPN Crypto Altcoins Flowell Web3 $Flowell Token

Flowell’s Wellness-To-Earn System What is Wellness-to-Earn? As a wellness platform on a mission to improve physical, mental and financial health around the world, Flowell is excited to bring Wellness-to-Earn to our community! By enrolling in and participating in classes on Flowell’s platform, students will be rewarded with $FLOWELL, our ERC-20 token. Whether engaging in a …

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What is Web3 and how is Flowell transitioning from a web2 company to a web3 company? Learn about our exciting growth and the future of health tech, Flowell.

woman pictured with eyes closed and palms pressed together at the chest

We often make new year’s resolutions in hope of bettering ourselves. Starting a yoga practice is one of the best ways to improve yourself. As such, it is a great new year’s resolution! With its powerful mental and physical health benefits, yoga can help you live a much better life. And in the new year, …

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older woman doing yoga in the comfort of her home

A few years ago, if you’d asked me if it was possible to safely teach yoga to older adults over a computer, I’d have been skeptical. As a yoga therapist who specializes in teaching seniors and people with health challenges, I consider it essential to be able to observe my students closely to make sure …

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two women, placed in their living room, sitting on the floor doing a yoga pose.their hands are stretched overhead.

When you practice yoga at home, consistency is key. Like any healthy habit, you must make a regular effort to reap yoga’s rewards. But, just like most things that are good for you, yoga can be hard to commit to. It requires you to set aside time each day and stay motivated. Plus, some days …

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Woman pictured in front of a window. She has a mint green headwrap on, possibly in a kneeling position, with palms pressed together, thumbs pressed to forehead, and eyes closed.

There are several benefits of yoga for mental health. Everyone’s mental health has its ups and downs. What may surprise you, though, is that the holidays are the most stressful time for most adults. While seasonal stress may seem like no big deal, it can be harmful to your mental health. Luckily, yoga is a …

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Group photo of people stretched out on yoga mats, hands to the top of mat, hips stretched back to heels. They are preparing for their practice.

You can experience yoga’s benefits year-round, but your practice can be particularly helpful during the winter months. As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, many of us deal with seasonal depression. But don’t worry—the winter blues are no match for yoga!   What is seasonal depression? Perhaps you’ve noticed that you start to …

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Older black woman pictured, lying on her back in a yoga pose known as supine bound angle pose. There are cushions under her knees as she lies back with feet joined and soles of feet held together

Teaching yoga moves to seniors is often considered an entry-level job for a yoga instructor. After all, older adults aren’t likely to need help with complicated postures or esoteric practices. Unfortunately, this ill-informed attitude often puts the least-trained instructors with the most challenging students. The reality is that older adults are arguably the most demanding—and …

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Woman pictured in home on a pink yoga mat. She is standing on the mat centered in front of wide bright windows as she performs a yoga pose.

There are many benefits of yoga. For example, yoga helps relieve pain and stress. It also boosts your immune system. As you might imagine, this is crucial during a pandemic! With new COVID-19 strains emerging and the weather cooling, it’s vital to protect your health. As such, yoga is a great tool to keep you …

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