We Are Flowell

Our mission is to elevate wellbeing and drive lasting health outcomes by increasing access to education, to build two-way streaming and level-up technology that helps people help each other, and to be leaders of communities committed to living well.

Flowell is a source of community to global citizens who value personal and community wellbeing. Our vision is to mobilize people, businesses and new and existing marketplaces around common pillars of wellness, and for each party to utilize custom technology to engage, learn, teach and earn, enhancing the communities they are part of.

Fuel Passion

We aspire to fuel your passion.

Uplift Underrepresented

We uplift the underrepresented and amplify respect and belonging

Create Experience

We create experiences that help you find joy

Inspire Confidence

We inspire confidence in ourselves and each other

Community Integrity

We are all caretakers of our community’s integrity

Find Clarity

We are committed to creating clarity

Listen to Learn

We listen to learn and iterate to elevate

Empower Potential

We celebrate acceptance and empower your unique potential

Meet the Core Team

Get to know the founders of Flowell!

Taylor Stull

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Team leader and project manager with 5+ years building digital health and wellness products.

Michael Sheehan

Co-Founder & VP of Sales and Partnerships

Experienced sales lead with 5+ years leading health and wellness startup businesses.

Ayana Frierson

Co-Founder & VP of Brand and Marketing

Marketing and community building expert with a decade of experience and a 500HR yoga teacher certification.

Mathew Hudson

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Experienced entrepreneur, operator and growth scientist for tech and eCommerce businesses.